Teaching and research

Lecturer, Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, environmental psychology

Kaj Noschis has been  responsible until 2015 for the Teaching Unit Territory and society at the faculty for the Natural Architectural and Built Environment at the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. He is now associated researcher with the Laboratory for urban sociology (see link).

He takes also part in research programmes within environmental psychology (see Publications of K.Noschis)

Docent, University of Lausanne, Course on C.G.Jung

Form 2003 to 2015 Kaj Noschis has given the course « Introduction à la psychologie de C.G.Jung » as part of the Master in clinical anthropology programme at the Faculté des sciences sociales et politiques of the University of Lausanne (see link).
He works and publishes on Jungian psychology (see Publications of K.Noschis)

Docent, University of Jyväskylä (Finland), environmental psychology

Kaj Noschis is docent at the University of Jyväskylä where he occasionally lectures on environmental psychology (see link).

Other courses : C.G.Jung Institute and Conferences

Kaj Noschis is member of the Faculty of the C.G.Jung Institute in Zurich (see link) . He lectures also with the Antenne romande de l’Institut C.G.Jung (see link).