Faith and the Built Environment

  sous la responsabiloité de Suha Özkan
Comportments, Lausanne, 1995 123 pages, 30 EUR

Table des matières:

Suha Özkan 
Introduction: Faith, Culture and Architecture / Introduction: Foi, culture et architecture

Ismail Serageldin 
Architecture and Behaviour: The Built Environment of Muslims

Dogan Kuban 
Perspectives on Islamic History and Art

Frej Stambouli 
La Crise sémiotique de l’espace dans le Maghreb Contemporain

Besim Selim Hakim 
Missing Elements for a Theory of Urban Form in Traditional Islamic Cultures

Vacit Imamoglu 
A Synthesis of Muslim Faith and Secularity: The Anatolian Case

Ikram Gelani 
Muslim Housing as Built Environment for Promoting Muslim Societal Behaviour

Gülzar Haider 
Faith is the Architect, Reflections on the Mosque

Mohammad A. E. Saleh 
Islam and the Built Environment: the Emergence of Vernacularism as an Environmental Ethic Controlling Man

Tawfik Abu Gazzeh 
The Social and Psychological Aspects of Boundaries: Human Privacy as the Basis of Architectural Planning in Islamic Culture of Saudi Arabia

Charles Jencks 
The Third Way between Fundamentalism and Westernisation