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sous la responsabilité de Babar Mumtaz et Kaj Noschis
Comportements, Lausanne, 2004
171 pages, 30 EUR


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Table des matières:

Babar Mumtaz & Kaj Noschis
Development of Kabul: Reconstruction and Planning issues

Section one: Past and future of Kabul

Marcus Schadel
Historic notes on Kabul
Qiamuddin Djallalzada
Planning the future development of Kabul
Zahra Breshna
A programme for the rehabilitation and development of Kabul's historic centre

Section two: Social challenges for Kabul

Jo de Berry
Kabul: A child friendly city
Dad Mohammad
A note on service and infrastructure needs
Stefan Schütte
Urban livelihoods and community based needs
Jurjen van der Tas
Social services, access to land and transportation
Tom Schacher
Who builds a city?

Section three: Lessons from Kabul

Abdul Wasay Najimi
Preservation and revival of cultural identity
Anna Soave
The historical neighbourhoods of Kabul: Planning efforts and negotiation processes
Mohamad Sharif
Community-based urban development programme for Kabul: Building on rural experience
Eberhard Knapp
The need for one "Urban vision" and many "Master plans"

Section four: Lessons from other places

Veikko Vasko
Land administration and management: a Palestinian case and an Egyptian experience
Halina Dunun-Woyseth
Image making as a step for the Master Plan of a city in Norway
Akbar Zargar
Afterthoughts from an Iranian perspective

Section Five: Guidance for planning

Peter Gotsch
The role of spatial strategies in planning Kabul's future
Suha Özkan
Thoughts on urban recovery in Kabul
Babar Mumtaz
A livelihoods approach to urban planning
Alain Viaro
What is the use of a Master plan for Kabul?

Ross Coggins
The development set

Programme of the Colloquium

List of Participants