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Halina Dunin-Woyseth and Kaj Noschis

Comportements, Lausanne, 1998

216 pages, 30 EUR

Table of content:

William O'Reilly 
Kaj Noschis 
Architecture & Behaviour Colloquiums: Cultural Diversity Contributing to Architectural Knowledge

Cultural Sequences

Ali Cenghizkhan 
Rural Vernacular Architecture: State Intervention and 15 Years After 
Cho Padamsee, and team 
The Influence of Cultural Diversity on Captured Space 
Attilio Petruccioli 
Historical Processes of the Building Landscape 
Akbar Zargar 
Identity and Architecture: The Case of Iran 
Jihad Awad 
Contemporary Architecture in Palestine: A Critical View 
Ranjit Sabhiki 
Man and the Land

Teaching Approaches

Aga Khan Trust for Culture 
Architectural Education in the Muslim World: Summary Findings of a Survey 
Sri Rahayu Kartohadiprodjo 
Architectural Education in a Culturally Diverse Country. 
Meer Mobashsher Ali 
Architectural Awareness and Education in Bangladesh 
Laurie Hegvold 
Seeking an Effective Cross-Cultural Design Pedagogy 
Xing Ruan 
Two Teaching Programmes Concerned with Cross-Cultural Problems 
Halina Dunin-Woyseth 
The “Three-Leaf Programme”: A Proposed Ph.D. Programme for Students from Developing Countries 
Faozi Ujam 
Locus Architecture: Postgraduate Course, Edinburgh College of Art 
Hisham El-Kadi 
Cultural Awareness in a Global Architectural Practice: The Need for Advocacy Architecture

Perspectives on Architecture

Jamel Akbar 
Rationality: The Blight of the Muslim Environment 
Ashraf M. A. Salama 
Incorporating Knowledge about Cultural Diversity into Architectural Pedagogy 
Suha Özkan 
The Dilemma of History: Theory and Education in Architecture 
Necdet Teymur 
Architectural Culture and Epistemological Diversity 
Moustafa A. Baghdadi 
Changing Ideals in Architecture: From CIAM to Team X


Yves Belmont 
Towards the Understanding of Diversity 
Hisham El-Kadi 
On Cultural Diversity and Technology 
Ashraf Salama 
Culture Implies Diversity

Charles Jencks 
The Third Way between Fundamentalism and Westernisation